Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Magic Mush

Alright fellas, it's about to be shroom season :] Whats your best experience with shrooms? How many did you eat? Dried or wet? Last season I picked a lot of them, and they dried up to about one pound :] my best experience was probably the rave I had went to. I ate about 3 eights dried,  and was simply amazed when I stepped inside the intoxication dance floor. I could feel the waves of bass going through my whole body.. Half naked girls (and guys -.- ) everywhere! I danced a lot and sat a lot, enjoying my trip - then the gloves came... Light show Gloves are FANTASTIC when your shrooming :] it was probably the best part. Check the pics, my stash last year :]

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  1. Haha substance abuse prevention pamphlet in the background, nice bro